Poetic Crochet: Errata & Pattern Corrections

Hello Crocheters!

My goal is always to provide you with beautiful designs and an enjoyable pattern experience! Crochet is as much about the process as the finished product, so I do my utmost to ensure a happy stitching experience for you, my customer.

Today I am very pleased to announce that full errata files and pattern corrections for all discovered errors in Poetic Crochet are now available.

Since its publication in 2015, I’ve heard from some of you as you bumped into crochet moments that didn’t make sense and at times, caused frustration.  I’m so grateful to those of you who alerted me to the difficulties you were having as you worked through the shawls, and I am very proud to have discovered the roots of those problems, and offer the solutions here, on Ravelry, and [after it is processed and posted] on Interweave’s web site.

You have two options: download the whole kit and caboodle as one PDF or download whichever PDF pertains to the shawl you may be working on…

Download the Errata file in FULL here:  Poetic Crochet Full Errata and Pattern Corrections

or click on the links below the shawl photo to download an individual file for the shawl project you are working on if that’s more convenient for you:



Traveler Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Traveler Errata

Poetic Crochet - Dover beauty image

Dover Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Dover Errata

Poetic Crochet - Endymion beauty image

Endymion Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Endymion Errata


Poetic Crochet - Hope End beauty image

Hope End Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Hope End Errata


Poetic Crochet - Innisfree beauty image

Innisfree Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Innisfree Errata


Poetic Crochet - Orisons beauty image

Orisons Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Orisons Errata



Starry Skies Shawl from Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann

Starry Skies Errata


I love crochet and designing for you, and I’m so thankful to be able to share my patterns with you! Please write me using the contact form here if you have questions or comments as you work with the errata files. Thank you for visiting me today!

Yours in Stitches,


Introducing Tess!

Hello Crochet Artists,

I am celebrating April Fool’s Day with a new shawl pattern. Meet Miss Tess, isn’t she pretty? I think of her as understated, elegant, and strong.

The PDF crochet pattern is available at a ♥ super special ♥ price of just 99 cents! Buy now because this launch price will expire on April Fool’s Day. ***4/1/2016: Launch price has now expired***

See more on Ravelry.

And stay tuned for the drawing for our giveaway of a signed copy of Poetic Crochet. It’s not too late to enter the drawing! I’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow–April Fool’s Day–no foolin’!

Crochetville Blog Tour: Shawl Talk, Free Pattern & Book Giveaway

Update: 4/1/2016: The book giveaway is now closed. Congratulations, Rubra! Thanks to all who participated!

Update: 4/3/2016: Bellamy shawl pattern is back to its normal price of $5.99.

Chugga chugga CHOO CHOO!


Welcome to my stop on Crochetville’s NatCroMo blog tour. My name is Sara Kay Hartmann and I am a crochet designer and the author of Poetic Crochet: 20 Shawls Inspired by Classic Poems.

PC cover image

Have you ever made a crocheted shawl? There is no project I enjoy more. Shawls are luxurious and beautiful. Even though they look exquisite, they aren’t difficult to make. The same kind of stitches you already use to make baby blankets or potholders can be worked to make shawls that will last a lifetime and add a little romance to your wardrobe.

How I Got Started Making Shawls

I was a relatively new crocheter, and spent a lot of time online admiring the work of other crochet artists. I am a passionate knitter as well, and often read about the process of knitting and blocking lace shawls. I thought making lace was too hard for me, and my finished projects never seemed to look like what I saw in pictures–crisp openwork, ethereal fabrics, and elegant styles. I learned that with the help of wet-blocking and steam-blocking techniques, even simple stitches took on new life and achieved a more polished look.

Bellamy A

Wearing Crocheted Shawls

Even though we are modern folk who no longer lose our amethyst brooches in the lace of our country shawls (Marilla Cuthbert, anyone?), I advocate the wearing and enjoyment of shawls–the lacier the better. But how to wear a shawl without feeling stuck in the 19th century?

It’s all about the wrap. Shawls look stunning when swirled about the neck and top of the shoulders, allowing the arms to move freely. Unexpected. Chic. Almost urban, with a little of that European flair for using scarves and wraps as wardrobe-enhancing accessories. Cowls are all the rage these days and most shawls can be worn cowl-style to great effect. That said, if you are comfortable rocking the full-body wrap, you should go for it and look amazing doing it. Ponchos, ruanas, kimonos and shawls have been coming back in a big way so it’s our time, shawl-makers!


Odette Shawl 3


Freebies & Giveaways

Now for the good stuff…I have a couple fun things to share with you in honor of National Crochet Month!

♥ ♥ ♥ To celebrate National Crochet Month, the Bellamy Shawl is free for this week only! The pdf file is available here: this giveaway is now closed.

Bellamy Blog Tour

♥ ♥ ♥ I am doing a giveaway of a signed copy of Poetic Crochet. To enter, just leave a comment on this post! On March 31st I will do a random drawing from the commenters and the lucky winner will receive a free copy of Poetic Crochet plus the bonus material shawl pattern–if you have purchased Poetic Crochet, let me know so I can send you your PDF free pattern!

Thank you for stopping with me on Crochetville’s blog tour, I hope you’ll leave comments to enter the book drawing, enjoy the freebie, and try making a shawl!

♥ Sara




Go, Little Book…


This day has been three years in the making! In keeping with the poetic theme, I offer this blessing courtesy of Lord Byron:

“Go, little book, from this my solitude! I cast thee on the waters, go thy ways! And if, as I believe, thy vein be good, The world will find thee after many days.”

Fall 2012: Struck by an idea for a crochet collection themed around poetry and shawl projects
April 2013: Sent query email to Interweave
December 2013: Submitted book proposal
February 2014: Proposal accepted, contracts issued, jumping up and down and screaming followed by panic
September 2014: Manuscript deadline
January 2015: Manuscript revisions
June 2015: 20,000 copies printed in Hong Kong
October 22, 2015: Poetic Crochet hits shelves!

And don’t forget to claim your ♥ free pattern ♥ with purchase!

Poetic Crochet Release!

I just saw that Poetic Crochet is Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release in Crocheting! And the ebook is #4! What a proud moment for its author. Thank you to all of you who have purchased it and written to me to express your enthusiasm. I am so happy that this project is finally ready to be shared with you.PC hot

Here are a few of the interior beauty images:




There’s a lot of heart and soul behind this book, and it’s beyond thrilling to hear that you’re loving it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Don’t forget to claim your ♥ free pattern offer ♥ with purchase of the book or ebook!

Sara Kay