Windowpane Blanket ~ A Free Crochet Pattern

Hello Inspired Crocheters, I have a beautiful free pattern to share with you today--the Windowpane Blanket! Buy pattern via Ravelry for $2. Read on for FREE pattern! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This gorgeous blanket and wall hanging design came out of a beautiful sunset I saw on a trip to the ocean. I loved … Continue reading Windowpane Blanket ~ A Free Crochet Pattern

Blooming Boho Wall Hanging

When I came across this gorgeous crochet motif chart on Pinterest, I saw in my mind’s eye a beautiful boho cotton wall hanging for my home. Today it's hanging in my baby girl's nursery-in-progress, and the pattern is ready to be shared with you, my Crochet Friends! You can buy a copy of the pattern … Continue reading Blooming Boho Wall Hanging