Welcome to my happy creative world of fun art and fine craft, Dear Friend!

I’m Sara–wife, mommy, artist, and designer creating fun art and fine crafts to share the joy of creativity.


Here’s a little about my creative background a maker, designer, and artist.

I learned to knit at age 23 in 2008.  I had never crafted and was terrified of creative projects. I entered the yarn world as a designer of crochet and knitting patterns in 2010, and in 2015 a childhood dream came true when I published a gorgeous book of crochet shawl patterns. The book led to steady gigs as a freelance pattern designer for major yarn companies, and I’ve been working that way ever since.


In 2015, I also quit my day job at the local library (YAY, LIBRARIES!) to stay home with my baby girl. As she has grown so has my love of related fiber and textile crafts like sewing and quilting. Falling in love with fabric pulled me into a more direct exploration of color and  surface design so I began to explore drawing and painting! My life and work as a mommy fills me with creative energy and ideas and has awakened dormant artistic dreams from my own childhood as I watch my daughter fearlessly explore art and creativity with fun, joy, and PLAY.


Soon I was falling in love with creativity all over again, living in a new world of color and texture, smooshing paint and doodling constantly–but I also missed my familiar home in fiber and textile and felt the call to get back into knit and crochet pattern design so I self-published over 20 designs in 2018 plus yarn my freelance work. You can view my knit and crochet portfolio here.


Recently, our family has grown with another precious daughter born in autumn 2018! Baby life necessitates a slow-down in my pattern-publishing routine, so I promised myself that I would use this precious time to pursue my love of art and mixed media working on it in tiny snatches of time stolen during these busy days with my sweet girls.



I hope you find something you’ll love to make here on my site, get inspired to have FUN on your own creative journey, and say hello if you like!

I’ll be here. Momming and making!



Yours in Stitches,