The path bends.

Hi Friends!

Just popping up to tell you that my creative world has been changing, and so my website is also changing.

Over the past year, I’ve discovered a new creative path into the world of art–especially painting and mixed media along with hand-sewing, embroidery, and quilting arts.

And I gotta tell you–I’m in love. Desperately, hopelessly, keeping-me-awake-at-night love.

The real deal.

The energy I gain from practicing intuitive painting, sketching, stitching, and playing with my creativity in new ways has been life-transforming and it has become clear to me that there is no end in sight.

I still love yarn design. I promised myself I’d take a year “off” of my design and pattern-writing schedule for play and exploration while adjusting to life as a family of four after the birth of my second daughter.

That year is not quite up, but I’m making the choice to stop my work as a designer of crochet and knitting patterns and pursue my artwork instead.

I’m now ready to answer my inner call to explore these new creative paths which act as therapy and give me an energy that fuels me as a mommy, wife, and person.

I’m explaining all this to let you know that if you decide to keep reading my blog, you won’t be seeing crochet and knitting patterns anymore. I plan to share my creative processes, paintings and artwork, amazing inspiration from other artists I love.

The crochet and knitting patterns that are here will remain, but going forward my posts and focus will be changing to reflect the change in my creative happiness and exploration energy. Like everything else, this will be a gradual process of growth.

Thanks for being with me this far. I truly appreciate each one of you and especially those who make the patterns and share them, and you who have written to me about how much you have loved Poetic Crochet. Thank you. Keep loving what you do and following your creative joy!

I will be following mine!

With so much love,



  1. LOVE the artwork. Your eye for color is amazing. Thank you for sharing your work. It truly brightened my day. Please keep us posted on all your creative endeavors!

    1. Hi Judy, bless you for the kind words and thank you so much for the support and interest. I will keep you posted. I have hit major transition points with my craft business after each daughter has been born–I don’t know what the future holds, but I will move into it with a whole heart! Thanks again. <3 <3 <3

  2. Wishing you much joy in your family and much inspiration and good fortune in your new creative endeavors!

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