New Goals, New Vision, Goodbye for Now

Hi Friends,

I wanted to stop by the blog today to let you know that I will be taking an official break from independent pattern design and releases, from blogging, and from social media.

I hope you’ll enjoy any of the content here on the blog–it’s not going anywhere, and neither is my Ravelry Shop, but I have become too busy with my daughter and priorities at home, and new creative horizons that I need to explore to be a very good blogger, or release patterns, or write tutorials on anything approaching a regular basis. I felt it was time to say that to you here, instead of letting my work lapse.

Thank you for your support, your follows, your pattern purchases, and your interest over the past few years! I am living a more creative life than ever and will be sharing it again one day.  Keep stitching away and loving your life! I will be!

Love and happy stitches and blessings to you,




  1. Thank YOU for all the wonderful patterns and ideas you have shared. Be assured you won’t be far from my thoughts as I work through Poetic Crochet (sometimes crocheting, sometimes just winding down after a long day by looking at the beautiful photographs and thinking about the poets and poems that inspired these creations). Whatever you do creatively will no doubt be brilliant and a gift to your family, friends. and followers. Best wishes!

  2. I wish you the best Sara. I never did get my copy of your book Poetic Crochet that you said I won.  Please email me privately for my updated address in case it was returned to you. With sincerity,Karleen Page [Cole]

  3. I received Poetic Crochet as a gift for Christmas and have finally started work on Starry Skies. It’s so beautiful! But I’ve been stumped on one of the steps for weeks now. I keep putting it down and coming back to it hoping I’ll “get” it. I see that you’ve signed off social for new endeavors, but if you happen to get this comment, I’d love a little advice! It’s round 7. I just can’t figure out how I’m supposed to do round 4 again after round 6 – they seem to be similar rounds and not alternate rounds. I’ll keep plugging away at it! Best wishes!

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