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Marigold Beret: a new knitting pattern

Hi Knitters,

Today I’m sharing a lovely new lace beret with you. The PDF pattern is now for sale in my Ravelry shop.

Use coupon code: MAYBEMARIGOLD to take 20% off this beautiful new knitting pattern on Ravelry through the end of January. Scroll down for the link.


Click the buy now button below to go to the Ravelry checkout! You do not need to be a Ravelry member to purchase the pattern.


We had an excellent round of test-knitting that helped me improve the pattern to bring you a great knitting experience. Check out these comments from my awesome testers!

“My beret is blocked, and it turned out lovely!…Thanks so much for letting me test this fun pattern.”

“Done! Such a fun and easy pattern. Blocking now. Thanks for letting me test. Would love to test for you again.”

“This pattern is very well written, and a really fun quick knit. I am making this again very soon in pink.”

The Marigold Beret features a textured botanical lace with a beautiful floral shape at the crown that reminds me of a sun-loving marigold. For a number of years my family moved frequently when I was growing up, and my mother would always plant marigolds along the front walkway of our new house so marigolds are a friendly and familiar reminder of home.

I’ve been exploring knitted lace for the past few months, and learning so much! This pattern features lace charts, written instructions, and a schematic. I was tickled to work out the lace shaping at the top to create the sweet flower shape. I’ve shaped lace before, but never with an emphasis on creating an additional design element. I love learning new skills!

Thanks for visiting me today, I hope all is well your stitching world.




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